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                                  2010 & 2011 Testimonials and photos

Thanks again to everyone for sharing photos of your new puppies!!  We love receiving updates and new pictures of our puppies with their new families!!

                                         Mollie with her new family in MO!!


                                             Sam with his new family in MO!!



                                         Cassidy with her new family in CO!


                                 Bennie the wheaten and his best bud in MO!


Just wanted to let you know that Charlie (his new name) is doing great.  He has not gone in the house once!  He is the best dog in the world!  We love him so much!  Thanks and take care!                                                                                                    Mike and Rennie, March 2010     Charlie has stayed here in MO!                      


Thanks Amanda for our new golden retriever puppy.  We love our new dog, Abbie; she is so smart, sweet, and full of fun.  Thanks also for being so flexible and helpful in getting Abbie to us, you went out of your way to meet us so that we didn't have to drive so far.  We  have already recommended you to many of our friends when they are ready to purchase a new puppy.  You truly show that you really love all the puppies and take pride in your dogs; it is not just a business.  We will keep you updated and send pictures regularly.   Abbie has stayed here in MO!                     


                                              Mr. Charlie relaxing in FL!


                                            Bentley ~ AKA Hooch in NY!!

                                                This is Bentley our beautiful boxer.  He is 6 months old today.  He was originally bought by a lady in Rochester NY but after her landlord found out she had a boxer she was told to get rid of him because boxers were one of the breeds that werent allowed, then he was sold to a guy in Lockport NY who loved him very much but felt he couldnt give him the care and love he needed with his working all day and not being able to leave him running loose in his house due to the other dog being there and getting too aggressive with the boxer to the point where the boxer was bitten and blood was drawn so after only having him for 3 weeks, he posted an ad on craigslist and thats where we found the love of our life.  We named him Bentley and he has only been with us for 4 days but let me tell you that this dog was well cared for despite the changes in owners.  You can tell right away he has a great temperment and is so playful and loving.  He was already house broken and learned to sit when told to.  He has slept with us in our bed now for 3 nights and hasnt had an accident in the house yet.  When he came here to us right away he ate and felt right at home.  We are so in love with him like we are our 2 wonderful female pugs we also have.  I am so thankful Bentley needed a new home and he will be with us forever.



                                                     Bodhi AKA Rambo in MA!


I want to thank Amanda for all her assistance in getting Molly.  I was a little worried about getting a dog over the internet, just from a picture like many people, but Amanda eased my worries.  She could not have been nicer.  Molly is doing really well.  She loves to follow around her new friend Kira.  She loves to run in her yard with Kira.  My sisters family love her.  She seems to just love people.  The girls in the picture are my nieces with Molly on Easter.  Thanks again Amanda, she is a great addition to our family.  Molly is now in NJ!


                                                       Roxie in IN


                                                       Couldn't Be Happier!!


About two months have gone by since we picked up our Wheaten puppy, Finley, at the airport.  Making an addition to your family and finding the right dog that suits you is no small task, and I could not be happier with the process thanks to Amanda Huttenstine.  Amanda was so helpful and the communication was excellent from the start.  I was hesitant about purchasing a dog online and not being able to see the puppy first as we live so far away, but Amanda put all my worries to rest as she answered all of my many questions and we communicated daily leading up to my puppy Finley's arrival.  She was a pleasure to work with and she never once made me feel like I was asking too many questions.  Since the day we picked Fin up he has been such a great puppy and our whole family has fallen completely in love with him - we truly could not be happier with our decision.  He has a wonderful temperment and demeanor, and we just love him to pieces.  Thank you Amanda and "Our Family Puppies!"


                                                         Kanyon in AR!


                                             Little Miss Jazz in MI!


We just brought home our new Schnoodle puppy Jazz, (formerly Foxy).  Amanda was so wonderful in helping us feel comfortable choosing a puppy without being able to see her in person first.  Amanda was great in communicating with me on the phone and through lots of and lots of e-mails.  I felt like I knew our puppy before we even met her.  She is exactly how Amanda described her...a smart, funny, friendly little ball of joy!  I would encourage anyone who is looking to add a puppy to their family to definitely start their search with Amanda!  You'll be as happy as we are! ~ Sherri Pilon April 13, 2010

                                                         Conan in MO!


Hi Amanda!  Attached are a couple pictures of Conan.  We ADORE him!  He has such a bubbly personality and loves to play.  He knows how to sit and shake and we're working on more!  He especially likes to chew bones and hang out with us on the couch.  He plays with a stuffed "Truman the Tiger" all the time who is about the same size as him - it is so funny!  Everywhere we go, people are constantly asking what type of dog he is and commenting how he "looks just like a teddy bear."  Conan is the perfect addition to our house and I can't image life without him!  Thank you again for all your help!  We couldn't have asked for a better breeder to work with.  Chris actually recommended Our Family Puppies to one of his patients and she got a wheaten from you too!  We would recommend "Our Family Puppies" to anyone looking for a great breeder to work with and an adorable puppy to add to their family!

Thanks again, Amanda!  Erin Mahoney and Chris Bone

                                                       Max in AZ!


Max is in training with a woman who has trained several movie famous dogs so he is all about getting some time in front of the camera.  The tub photo is his play at getting a shampoo commercial!  There is a park behind my house so as soon as he goes back there to see if the kids are out there, he will bark and let them know he is out.  He loves to go see his older brother Liam (13 year old Jack Russell) and always picks to sleep in his bed and play with his toys.  He can smell him.  Unusual, but Liam seems to love him too!  Not sure what I can say about the bandanna photo, but he seems to like it and people get a kick out of it.  Hope these photos help make a splash on the website!

John and Max 

                                                         Bart here in MO!!


Bart:  It had been nearly 28 years since we had our last puppy.  He lived almost 18 years, and I've wanted a dog ever since.  Finally, at the befinning of this year, my husband told me that I could get another pup.  I knew I wanted a beagle because I had one when I was a child and I love their gentle, sweet nature.

When I saw Bart's picture (he was called Copper back then) on Amanda's website I fell in love with him on the spot.  Once I met him in person, I knew he was the "one".  He has kept me very busy since he became part of the family.  I really had forgotten how much work a new puppy can be.  However, I wouldn't trade him for anything.

He is adorable, friendly and very bright.  He and I are going to school to learn training techniques and we are doing pretty well.  Bart loves to go to the park and take walks by the river and he loves running around out in our back yard.  We really enjoy how fun he is, but I must admit I'll be happy when he's past the chewing stage.

                                                           Aston in TX


                                                               Annie in MI


                                                         Spartacus in CA


                                                      Maggie in NE


                                                             Jill in NJ


                                                          Gus in MO


                                                         Gerty in NY


                                             Miles and Maverick in IL

                                               Buster here in MO
                                         Rascal in IL
                                          Chance and Hutch in MO


                                   Ember in KY
                                       Rudy in CA