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Welcome to our frequently asked question page!  Here I have compiled a list of several questions that I usually get asked many times.  Hopefully having this page will help answer any questions that you may have while on the search for your new puppy!  Don't see the answers you are looking for?  No problem!  Just ask, we are more than happy to answer any and all questions.

1. ) Q:  Do you own both parents?

      A:   Yes, we do have both parents to all of our litters.   You can see our adult dogs on the "Our Team" page.

2.)  Q:  Can we come and visit?

       A:   We do allow visitors to come and see any available puppies, but only after they are 7 weeks of age and have had two of their puppy vaccinations.  We will have to set up a time that works for both of us since I also have two other jobs; my availability days can get pretty tricky. 

3.)  Q:  Do you accept deposits and if so, what kind?

       A:  We do accept NON-REFUNDABLE deposits to hold a puppy.  Deposits can be paid by using Venmo (preferred) or PayPal.  When picking up your puppy, the remaining balance must be paid in cash.

4:)  Q:  What all comes with my puppy?

       A:  Each puppy will come with current puppy vaccinations, dewormings, vet checked, health guarantee, puppy food, harness, and leash.  

5:)  Q:  Do you ship?

       A:  Unfortunately we do not ship.  Puppies must be picked up in person, however, we do not mind driving a little ways to help with some of the travel if needed, but would have to work around my work schedule and school.

6:)  Q:  Will my puppy already be potty trained or crate trained?

       A:  No, they will not be fully potty trained when you get your puppy.  Puppies at 8 weeks of age cannot "hold it" very long and must be able to go potty frequently.  They will have a good start by watching their mom use the doggie door to go outside but will not be reliable until they learn where they can and can't go in their new home and get old enough (usually around 12 weeks) to "hold it" for longer periods of time.  We are currently starting to litter box some of the puppies.  So far it seems to be going well. 

           Using a crate is a personal choice that you and your family must decide on if you want to use or not.  Some families like to use the crate where as others do not.  That is your choice to decide, but I do recommend using one at least during the puppy stages.

7:)  Q:  Do the puppies live in the house with you?

       A:  We have a building that is set up to house our puppies so they will be able to have access to the outside to potty (or use their litter box) anytime they need once they are old enough.  This allows us to help them get a good start on potty training, while also keeping them safe from getting into trouble while we are at work.  (Just picture several 2 year old kids without supervision for 5 min...the possibilities of "trouble" can be endless!) haha 

8:)  Q:  What kind of puppy food do you feed?

       A:  We are currently feeding our puppies Pro Pac Performance puppy food that we get from our local farm store.

9:)  Q:  Can we come visit the puppies anytime we want?

       A:  Unfortunately, we do not allow visitors unannounced.  You must set up a day and time with us before being able to visit.  We all work other jobs and would need to make sure someone would be available.

10:) Q:  Will you drive half way?

        A:   Depending on where you are coming from will depend on where I can meet you at.  I do not travel very far if I have not received a deposit, just so I don't get stood up and waste my time or fuel.

11:) Q:  I placed a deposit on a puppy and have changed my mind about getting it.  Do I get my deposit back? 

       A:  Unfortunately we do not refund deposits for "mind changing".  This is why I always ask everyone to be 110% sure you want a puppy before placing a deposit.  Once we receive a deposit, that puppy is no longer available to anyone else.  This wouldn't be fair to other families if people are constantly placing deposits "holding up" a puppy and then changing their minds down the road.

12:)  Q:  If my puppy is already eating puppy food at 6 weeks old, why can't I pick it up then instead of waiting until after it is 8 weeks old?

        A: We never allow our puppies to leave before the age of 8 weeks.  Actually there may be times when we decide to hold them a few extra weeks if we feel they need a little more time with us before leaving.

13:)  Q:  Will you send us pictures of our puppy every day? 

        A:  It can take HOURS to get one good picture of a single puppy.  Generally my camera is full of little blurry blobs darting all over the place, so I have to specifically set time aside for taking puppy pictures.  So, unfortunately, we do not take pictures every day.  We try to take them as often as we have time for though.

14:)  Q:  What all do I need to get for my puppy?

        A:  Please click on the "Helpful Tips" page at the top.  I have a lot of good information there as well as a puppy check list at the bottom!