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Our Beloved Dogs

With the changing world we live in today, we realize that not always is it convenient or safe to have visitors come to meet and greet our furry family, so we have decided to add them all to this page so our potential puppy families can still see our loveable dogs and get the opportunity to virtually see our puppy parents. 

Saint Bernards

This handsome boy is our newest Saint Bernard member named Sven.  I just love his beautiful thick coat and gorgeous markings.  This guy is a very friendly boy and loves to run and play.  He has a fairly high energy level and curious about everything.  He has been more of a talker than our other saints but he also is a very smart, quick learner.  He loves going for walks and checking out all the new stuff and of course, meeting new people.  Everyone is this guy's friend for sure!

This sweet Saint Bernard girl is a daughter we saved back from Itsy and Ox.  Her name is Maycee.  She is very mellow and has the personality just like her father.  She is laid back, friendly, doesn't get excited about much, and strives for attention.  She is a little on the smaller side, only weighing in about 115lbs.  She is super quiet unless we have the lawnmower out.  For some reason she doesn't like it and likes to bark at it.  She also does alert us if there is a stranger or stray dog or cat in the yard.  Otherwise she just hangs out and enjoys being in our company.
This beautiful Saint Bernard girl is another female that we saved back from Itsy and Ox.  Her name is Keggar and she has that gorgeous blocky head like her mother.  She also has that "go-getter" energetic personality like her mother as well!  She is full of life and loves to take in it all.  She is constantly checking everything and everyone out and always looking for something new to explore.  She doesn't like to hold still for very long and still loves to play like a young pup.  She is such a sweet girl though and seems to pass on her silly playfulness to her puppies.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

This big goofy boy is our handsome Berner named Bear.  He has a heart as good as gold and is the biggest love bug you will ever know.  He can never get enough attention and affection and absolutely LOVES people.  He will do anything just to get a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ear.  He will even stop you right in your tracks by sitting directly in front of you so you can't take another step until you give him some affection.  He can be a little vocal if he thinks you are ignoring him, but only wines for the most part.  If he gets too impatient he might let out a bark or two to catch your attention.  He has a beautiful thick coat and more of the blockier head, and weighs close to 120lbs.  He is definitely our sweet "Romeo" of the group!
This pretty girl named Midori. She is small in stature only weighing in at about 80lbs.  She has her father's timid personality but once she gets warmed up she is as sweet as can be and very playful.   

Golden Retrievers

This pretty lady is our beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever named Benelli.  Talk about a looker! This girl is gorgeous!  She is a very sweet, smart girl with a personality to boot!  She loves people, loves to explore and go running out in the fields but not crazy about car rides!  She is a blast to have around.  So blessed to have this wonderful girl with us!

This gorgeous fellow's name is Diesel.  We are super excited to have him here with us.  He has such a beautiful white coat and a matching personality to go with his looks!  Everyone falls in love with him everywhere he goes!  He loves kids and loves to be out and about exploring and playing with everyone.  

Standard Poodles

This handsome goofball is our loveable Standard Poodle named Bow.  He is a gorgeous Chocolate and White color and of course, he had just been groomed in this photo.  This guy has the looks and the personality to go with!  He loves people, and loves going to the groomer,  but I'm pretty sure only for the treats though!  He has a very playful, smart, goofy, clown-like personality and doesn't know what a stranger is.  He can get quite talkative but only if he gets super excited and feels like no one is paying enough attention to him! 
Meet Dandy!!  This goofy girl sure is tons of fun!  She is very outgoing, loves people, and loves to play!  She has a beautiful apricot and white coat.  She has a very fun loving, silly personality. We are excited to see what the future holds for this beautiful girl!
This beautiful lil red-head is our stunning Standard Poodle named Gabby.  She has a very sweet, docile personality but is so full of fun and games! She is a very smart girl and loves affection.  We are very excited to have her here with us!