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Available Puppies

Before purchasing a puppy from us, please read the following information!

We do have a special request:  When purchasing a puppy, please be sure that you understand that a puppy is not just for a short time, but instead, for a lifetime.  All animals should be considered long term and require a long term commitment.  Please do your research before purchasing a puppy so you will be prepared for the commitment. 

We care for the well-being of our puppies even after they leave us and want a long happy life for them in a home with a family they can trust and depend on.  If you do purchase a puppy from us and find that you can no longer care for or keep your puppy, you must notify us!  If we are capable (space-wise), we will gladly take the dog back (no matter the age and at buyers expense) or help assist you in finding them a new wonderful home.  We, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, ever want one of our dogs or puppies to end up in a shelter, rescue, pound, or dumped on the side of the road.  They deserve MUCH better than that!!

Contact information: 
Telephone (texts welcome):  (660) 349-8157


Standard Bernedoodles

Our Bernedoodles are absolutely the sweetest!  They are super social, playful, affectionate, and ready for their new families!  They are current on vaccinations, dewormings, and have been checked by our veterinarian.  Estimating the puppies to be around the 60 to 80lb range full grown.  Coats are a variety of soft and straight to slightly wavy.  Personalities vary slightly but 99.9% of the time they are under my feet determined to tackle my shoe strings! Very silly, fun loving pups!   

Mom is our silver and white Standard Poodle, Oakley.  She is about 65lbs, and a sweet, smart, chill girl.  She is AKC registered.

Dad is our handsome Bernese Mountain Dog, Moose.  He has more of the lean stature and has more of the smaller body type.  He weighs in at about 90lbs.  

Ace:  Male ~ $1000

Cain:  Male  ~ $1000

Addy:  Female  ~ $1000

Chloe:  Female  ~ $1000