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Available Puppies

Before purchasing a puppy from us, please read the following information!

We do have a special request:  When purchasing a puppy, please be sure that you understand that a puppy is not just for a short time, but instead, for a lifetime.  All animals should be considered long term and require a long term commitment.  Please do your research before purchasing a puppy so you will be prepared for the commitment. 

We care deeply for the well-being of our puppies even after they leave us and want a long happy life for them in a home with a family they can trust and depend on.  If you do purchase a puppy from us and find that you can no longer care for or keep your puppy, you must notify us!  If we are capable (space-wise), we will gladly take the dog back (no matter the age and at buyers expense) or help assist you in finding them a new wonderful home.  We, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, ever want one of our dogs or puppies to end up in a shelter, rescue, pound, or dumped on the side of the road.  They deserve MUCH better than that!! 

Contact information: 
Telephone (texts welcome):  (660) 349-8157



How about something different for a change! Meet our feisty little bunch of OES puppies! These guys are super fun, ornery, playful, and full of shenanigans! Six strapping lads and one pretty little lady!  All will be current on vaccinations, dewormings, have been vet checked and come with our standard one-year health guarantee. We send all necessary documents with each puppy as well as a goodie bag that includes the puppy food they are currently eating.  If you decide to commit to an OES, please make sure to research the breed!  Old English Sheepdogs are a high energy breed, and require LOTS of grooming, consistent training, and may not be quite the couch potato you are looking for.

Max ~ Male $600

Remi ~ Male $600

Ben ~ Male $600

Bullseye ~ Male $600

Milly ~ Female $600


As we are shifting gears and changing directions with our program and closing some chapters and opening others, we wanted to announce that we have a nice small group of F1b Goldendoodles available!  At this time (I've had a lot of people asking me), we are not planning another litter in the near future; so if you have your heart set on one of our Goldendoodles, now is your chance! Estimating these guys to be around the 50 to 65lb range full grown.  As always, our puppies come with vaccinations, dewormings, and vet checked.  Each one comes with our standard one-year written health guarantee and life-time support from us.  I send a bag of goodies including puppy food that they are currently eating.  

Benny ~ Male $400

Wade ~ Male $400