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Get to know us!

Here at Our Family Puppies, if you haven't figured it out yet, our goal is to offer happy, healthy puppies to wonderful families where we are confident they will be well taken care of for their lifetime.  We can't stress enough how we strive to place each puppy with the appropriate family to make sure they are a perfect fit.  We want to make sure that each family is 100% satisfied with their new family member, because a puppy is for a lifetime.  We stress and worry about our puppies because we care and want to ensure they continue to be well taken care of after they leave us.  As you may have already read before, we UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, EVER, want one of our dogs to be taken to a shelter, pound, rescue, or dumped on the side of the road.  Please know that no matter what, all of our dogs and puppies (no matter the age) are ALWAYS welcome to come back home if their families can no longer care for them or keep them.  We understand that sometimes unforeseen issues out of our control can happen and will never turn away one of our dogs.