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Finding the right puppy for your family can be a long journey and shouldn't be rushed.  Here at Our Family Puppies, we can help you on that journey of finding the perfect companion to help ensure that both you and your new puppy have many happy years together.

How is Our Family Puppies different?  Well, we strive to learn about each one of our pups and their unique personalities.  We will tell you exactly how they are!  Some families like the super sweet, quiet, calm, and mellow personalities whereas other families are more active.  They may want a puppy that is more energetic, active, social, and able to keep up with their active lifestyles.  Sometimes people will pick a puppy based off a certain look or color, but that doesn't always mean they will be a good fit for the entire family.  Our goal is to make sure each one of our puppies find the right home with the right family.  So, which personality best suits you and your family?

So now what?  Are you ready to start your journey?

Go ahead, get started!  Right here, right now with Our Family Puppies!  We will be with you every step of the way!


Due to the high number of scammers, please make sure you are emailing me at  This is a new email address.  I have recently found out that others are trying to use this website and an email address similar to mine to try to con people into sending them money for puppies that they do not have.  So PLEASE, make sure you are emailing the address above and no other!!  Thank you!